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Seven Secret Tips Avoid Vehicles Damaged in Flood

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Seven Secret Tips Avoid Vehicles Damaged in Flood
Seven Secret Tips Avoid Vehicles Damaged in Flood

Buying a used or new vehicle is a challenging task, but the situation may become annoying when your vehicle reveals its identity and states that it has been damaged in flood. Shocked? Well, it may come as a surprise to you, but some new bulletins have shared instances where automobile dealers have sold vehicles that were being impacted by floods. Undoubtedly, catching the glimpse of your most favorite car at the car dealership store and having the current year model enlisted for resale tempts everyone to think about buying the same at reduced price, but wait as it could be a flood damaged model.

If you wish to know about some cool tips that can help you judge a motor vehicle on factors whether it has been damaged in flood or not, then read below:

1.There are higher chances of the car being damaged by flood, if it has any of its windows open. There is no second though in the fact that it could be innocent or has been left open by mistake, but there are greater chances of trying to aerate a moist or drying off interiors.

2.Never stay overexcited to set inside your dream car that is being offered at the throw away price. Just be patient, gently open the gates, and try to assess that whether you can smell damp or musty while opening the door? If you can smell a lot of air fresheners being used, then there is high possibility that the seller is using it to mask the stink.

3.Soon after floods and natural calamities, most of the insurance news websites and portals feature information about the massive losses. Try to connect the timelines to the ones during which the vehicle has been made available for sale.


4.Get inside the car and check the carpets, boot carpet, and spare wheel to get a feel a dampness and foul smell.

5.Brakes and suspension components can reveal the actual truth without investing much of your time. You can easily judge the swiftness of brakes, depending upon the age and mileage of the car. If there is more corrosion than expected, then there are higher chances of being damaged in floods.

6.Check for areas having unexpected or unexplained corrosion.

7.Check for presence of water in the engine oil or head gasket failure to ensure that the car a flood-damaged safe and is appropriate for purchase.

In most of the cases, insurance news Malaysia and other related portals will share the information about occurrence of floods and natural calamities. But, if they fails to do so, then you must enquire questions about them from the sellers to ensure that the model and make you are buying is worth the price you are paying!

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